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Bespoke Furniture

At Cobwebs Furniture we supply bespoke furniture to homes across Cambridge from bedroom furniture to furniture for your lounge, dining room, study, hall or kitchen. We can design and build pieces which are created just for you and your home. You will find what you are looking for with us.

We offer a full bespoke service in oak, pine and painted wood. All we need is a drawing or picture with dimensions in order to give you a quote. Alternatively we can visit you in your home to discuss your requirements and take measurements. Whether you have a good idea of what you want or you are looking for a little inspiration, our expert team can take your ideas and transform them into a beautiful and practical piece.

We can stain or paint all woods to a vast range of colours, either to match your existing pieces or to bring something a bit different to the look and feel of your living space. Please ask for a quote and you will be surprised how little extra it will cost you.

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